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Friday, June 02, 2006

america is FAT

So the FDA wants restaurants to reduce portion sizes and add healthy sides. Read about it here. Can't people control themselves anymore? Why should restaurants have to step in and do it for us? That's insane.

It's rare that I eat everything on my plate when I go out to eat. It's not because I don't want to, I do. I love food. But come on. There's no way I need to eat all of that. Plus, I have leftovers to eat the next day. Yum!

I just don't get this society, this country nowadays. We want everything with no consequences. We're like a bunch of little kids. I want this, I want that, and I'll get it no matter what. Then, when we get fat, or we get hurt, we blame others instead of ourselves. I guess there are some medical conditions that lead to obesity, I don't really know. But I'd be willing to guess that the number one cause of obesity is...overeating. That's right folks, you heard it here.

I have a really easy solution. If you don't want to get fat, don't eat nasty, calorie-and-fat-laden food. Wow! How revolutionary.

If we start letting the government and its agencies tell us what to do, we're headed for trouble, folks. America is about freedom. If I want to scarf a thousand calorie burger and wash it down with five hundred calories of fries and three hundred calories of soda, I should be damn well able to do that. I am responsible for myself, and I won't allow the government to regulate what I can and can't do (within reason, of course). Unfortunately, they've already crept into this realm, what with regulating marriage, sex, and all sorts of other things. This is a dangerous, slippery slope.

I am incredibly thankful for the freedoms I have left here in America. But with freedom comes responsibility. We should have the freedom to eat whatever we want. But we also have to be responsible for ourselves if we eat ourselves to four hundred pounds. It's not McDonalds fault (though I do despise McDonalds), and it's not Outback Steakhouse's fault. Own up, folks. If we don't start owning up, we face the possibility that the government will do it for us. Frightening.


Team YaYa said...

Ahaha, I totally agree. It's mind boggling how people nowadays are pushing responsibility for anything as far away as possible, incl. the one for their kids. It's always the school's or the game's or the media's fault.

It's McD's fault you drank your coffee hot ... hot coffee - what a novel concept (yeah I know the story is old, still cracks me up).

Doubt it's going to change so. It's too easy to blame whatever instead of oneself. It's comfortable. People like that.

Pixie said...

I agree some of the people at these "all you can eat "places amaze me!
I'm with you 9 times out of 10 I have to get the rest of my meal in a take home box.
I do think that maybe the menus could be a little more veggie friendly though. Make me laugh that Applebees make a big deal about weight watchers meals in their menues but they only offer one meat free item.

The Uk is the opposite you get tiny portions,usualy have to pay for drink re-fills which arnt cheap. Its a lot cheaper to eat out here but then the upside is that even stekhouses will offer at least one or two veggie options.

But ultimately its up to the person eating the food to decide when they have had their fill, and then take the responsibility for their actions.

siren said...

You're right on with this..there is a deep lack of accountability in the US that is really disturbing.