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Monday, June 26, 2006

five years = wood

Our five year wedding anniversary was last Friday. Q and I went to lunch at Almond's, one of our favorite lunch spots (the dinner is way too expensive and fancy). That night we went up to Sybergs for dinner and to watch the Cardinals game, then came home and dyed our hair. Not the traditional anniversary celebration, but then again, we're not exactly traditional.

Q planned a big surprise for me on Saturday night. I had a few theories, but really didn't know where we were going until he slipped on Saturday morning. We were in our back yard picking arugula from the garden, and then took it inside to air-seal in plastic bags. We already have two big bags full (which is more arugula than two people can eat), so Q mentioned that maybe we should take a bag to CB and V's house. CB and V are two of our very bestest friends, and they currently reside in lovely Columbia, MO. I didn't catch on right away (not the brightest), but he said 'Damn!', so I got it then.

We headed to their house in the early afternoon with Chay in tow (she loves the car, and her friends CB and V). We got there and chatted for a while, and looked at all of their gorgeous landscaping (it makes our house look like a pit). Then we ate at Murry's, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. They make this great appetizer (one of many) - green pepper rings fried, then topped with powdered sugar. It sounds weird, but they're incredible.

Then we said goodbye to CB and V for the night. Q and I drove downtown, and he parked near Broadway and 9th. I still had no idea what we were doing. We walked up 9th, towards the Blue Note. I figured we were probably going there, but didn't know who we were seeing. We walked past a coffee shop and Q pointed someone out on the bench, and there sat
my favorite serial-killer-wannabe:

*Shudder*. That guy is just plain creepy. Q asked me if I recognized him, and I did, but I'm horribly bad with faces, so I couldn't remember from where. He laughed.

We approached the box office, and I looked at the poster on the door, and saw it was for Hank III and the Assjacks. Yay! Not only did we get to see the Blue Note after all of these years (by the way, V says it's for sale for 18 million...seems high, but who knows???), but we got to see one of my favorite performers. We had a blast. And I thought the crowd was pretty entertaining in St. Louis, but it was way off the charts in Columbia. Columbia is known for having the weirdest mix of people as it is, but this show really reeled them in. There were punk rock kids, good ol' country boys, older folks, a couple in their wedding gear (they had been married that day), and everything in between. And those good ol' country folks get really riled up, that's for sure. As usual, it was funny to see the reaction of the people there for the country set when he started playing with Assjack (crazy hard music with screaming vocals). The place really clears out.

Then we went to Dewey's Pizza on Sunday with my family for a little celebration dinner. The pizza was awesome, and I love seeing the kiddos. They're a trip. And I got lots of neat-o presents, and Dewey's gave me a pint glass, which was nice, but we're overflowing with pint glasses. It's Q's newest addiction. Beer does somehow taste better out of a pint glass, though.

So, our anniversary celebration was unusual, but a blast. And it's only going to get better when we head down to Bull Shoals with CB and V this weekend and into the next week. Lots of drinking, relaxing, boating, and tanning. If only this workweek would Oh well.

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