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Thursday, June 01, 2006

frankenstein foot

I just got back to work from the 2 week follow up visit for my surgery. They took the wrap off, so I got to see my foot for the first time. They also took some x-rays, which they let me keep. It's very weird to see my foot like this. It looks like a normal foot - plus bruising and cuts, that is. The x-rays were very cool - the plate that he put in is actually on the side of my foot, about halfway up. It's not where I expected at all.

The incisions are big and very gross. He cut a lot more than I thought he would, but it'll all heal and won't be visible. I've never had stitches before - so seeing them was odd. I thought it'd hurt more to take them out, but she just cut them at the top and pulled.

My mom and niece took me since I still can't drive. My niece is 5. I told her on Monday she could come in and see the stitches with me, thinking she'd never want to do that, but she actually did. She was very intrigued, and wanted to watch the nurse take out the stitches. She said my foot looked like a monster's foot - a foot that wants to be pretty. She's hilarious. And such a smartypants! I never would have done that at her age.

The bad news is that I still can't drive for another two weeks, so poor Q is left being the chauffeur. And I have to get a ride to our golf tournament at work (WAY up north in IL) with a really annoying girl. That sucks. No one I work with lives very close, so I can't pick and choose. Bummer. I am grateful for the ride though, I guess. I'd be more grateful if I actually wanted to go to the tournament, but I don't at all. I hate that stuff.

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