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Thursday, June 15, 2006

happy day

My foot's not infected! And I can start driving. This is the best day ever (or for a while, anyway). I had suspicions when one of the incisions started smelling horribly and leaking a little bit, but all is well. Apparently I just had some sort of reaction to the tape they were using to hold the cuts together. Now I'm tape-free. The one cut is totally gross, but it'll dry out and start to heal. The others are healing nicely. Pretty cool! In two more weeks I can start walking like a normal person. I'm excited. No one can call me 'gimpy', 'cripple', or 'slowpoke' (some pet names from coworkers). Nice.

Now Q and I have to hustle to get a new tire (or the flat one fixed) for my car. Last week we got a flat on 170 South, right before it ended. Q had to hustle to pull the car onto the right shoulder (with me leaning out of the window frantically waving and screaming at the cars in the other lane to let us over). It was right before the exit ramp onto 40, so there wasn't much room. He had to straddle the guardrail in order to get the tire changed, but he did it in record time. Less than ten minutes. Thankfully he was there, because I would have ruined my pretty white pants changing that tire. I would have done it, though. I can so change a tire. Grrrr. As it was, though, I had to be the lookout for straying cars. It was freaking scary watching the cars zip by. There were a few that did swerve close to our car, which freaked me out, but we came out okay in the end. Q's my hero.

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