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Friday, June 30, 2006

i'm gonna have more fun than you...

Well I'm off to the lake tomorrow for a nice, long weekend of relaxing and playing in the sun. When it gets dark, well, that's another story...plenty of debauchery to be had. Not the Ozarks, by the way. It's funny how when you say you're going to the lake everyone assumes the Ozarks. That's nasty. The in-laws have a cabin on Bull Shoals in Arkansas. It's gorgeous - underdeveloped and secluded (thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers buying all the land around the lake), yet huge. And crystal clear water.

The foot is healed enough to wear flip flops, so that's all that matters. I'm finally done with the formal part of this surgery - as of yesterday - no more doctor visits, or anything. The scabs are all gone, and the cuts are well on their way to healing fully. I'm able to walk like normal, with the exception that my big toe doesn't bend fully, so that limits me a little bit. Looking back six weeks later, I'm completely happy with my decision to go ahead with the surgery. Yes, there were a few bad weeks, but other than that, it's been a breeze. I'm able to wear my first pair of mary jane shoes that actually look a little dressy. They're sneakers, but nice ones. So now I can wear skirts again. There's nothing like having to wear pantsuits when it's hot. It sucks! Suits should be banned in the summertime. They get all sweaty and gross, and you can't really wash them, and dry cleaning doesn't always clean them fully. Grooooosssssss.

Anyway, have a happy fourth, all. Don't put your eye out with a firecracker. Not good.

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