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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i'm an old lady

Today's my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! My cube was decorated when I got to work. I have such good work friends (finally - it took a while to scope everyone out and pick out the good ones)! I got cards, yummy candy, jewelry, and gift cards.

There have also been a few funny incidents. One gal came to my desk to drop off something for one of my bosses, looked around, and said, 'Is it your birthday?' Duh! What a dumbass. Then another girl came by and said, 'It's your birthday! Are you excited?' She obviously doesn't know me very well. First, I'm not the most excitable person. Anyone who knows me knows that. It's not that I don't get excited, it's just that I don't show it well. Second, it was 8:45 am. When I do get excited, as a rule, I don't get excited before 11, at the earliest.

Then she asked me how old I was. Odd, right? I don't have an issue with my age (the last stretch of my 20s...the very last). I don't feel any older than 21, at the most. I'm basically a big kid. But still. I think it's kind of weird to ask anyone obviously over 25 how old they are. Right? Or am I way off? Especially if you aren't particularily good friends - just coworkers, coexisting day to day in the same general area.

I kind of hate birthdays at work anyway. I try to take that day off usually, but what with my surgeries and the lake next week (yay!), I couldn't afford to this year. Bummer. So now I have to deal with everyone saying happy birthday, asking what I've gotten, or what I'm doing that night. I guess it's a nice break from all of the foot talk, though. All I hear lately is 'How's your foot doing?' or 'Looks like you're walking better!' I don't mind talking about it with my friends, but with people I don't know that well, it's just stupid. Give it a rest. Yes, that's what happens when someone has surgery, or injures herself - it gets better. Shocking!

Okay, enough ranting. Time to be happy. I've got the new Head Automatica album playing, and it makes me happy. And I'm being treated to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Yum. Hopefully I'll get to celebrate with a martini tonight.

PS - Pickle - The martini glass is neat-o. Feel free to get me those anytime!


pickle said...

So just how old are you????You will never be as old as me. I am so glad you love your glass. Did you get to drink in it yet? Don't forget to wash by hand. Next time I am in there I will get you another one. Happy b-day and by the way how is your foot?(haha)

Baby Pancakes said...

Happy birthday hot stuff!