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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

to the man of my dreams

Today is my lovely Q's 30th birthday. He isn't a huge fan of cake (or sweets in general; gummy candy excluded), but his favorite beer is Abita Purple Haze, so Q, here you go. I planned a special night for tonight, and unfortunately there won't be any Abita Purple Haze, but there will be other tasty draft beer. And good company. And he can drink as much as he wants (or until I run out of money - wait, that might not get him a lot).

So Q, here's to you! The first thirty years have made you the most wonderful and handsome man in the world. I can't even imagine what the next thirty will do. I'm the luckiest gal in the world though, that's for sure. Everyone make sure and tip back a couple for this amazing guy.

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Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD said...

Tell Q that the good Doc wishes him a happy-happy, and a ding-a-long-ling-long to boot!