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Monday, July 17, 2006

to have the admiration of hoosiers

I went to happy hour Friday night with some kids from work. I enjoy happy hours, but this one was especially good, since I haven't ever been to one with this group in particular. I'm so different socially than I am at work (not fundamentally, of course), so it's fun to shock people. I'm usually fun when I go out with friends. I'm silly, and sometimes even outgoing. I'm generally miserable at work, though I hide it well. I just don't like working; being on someone else's schedule. It sucks. I am happy with my job, happier with my place of employment, but of course, I'd prefer to work for myself. Now if I can just figure out how to make that work...

Anyway, we went to this bar called The Hive. It was a total dump with expensive beer prices ($18 for a pitcher of AB's Hefe...ouch), but we had a blast anyway. The best part of the evening occurred when one of the girls went downstairs to the bathroom. I'll preface this by saying that when we walked in the entire place went quiet and stared...okay, not that drastic, but you get the idea. It was full of regulars, and we were outcasts immediately. She finished in the bathroom and made her way towards the stairs, which was an open stairwell leading to the second level. A guy tapped her on the shoulder right before she got there and asked her if she could go up slowly so they could watch her. Ick! I mean she is tall and thin and blonde (model-esque), so it makes sense. But it's creepy nonetheless.

But as much as I said it was creepy, it did make me a little jealous. If it had happened to me I would have been so grossed out, yet also oddly complimented. I just don't experience outward catcalling like this. I get my fair share of turned heads (or maybe I make this up in my head, I don't know), but nothing like this. She probably hates it. She probably gets it all the time.

Sad, yes. But true.

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