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Friday, August 04, 2006

a message from jimmie

We get some ridiculous emails in our work boxes. I know them before even opening them usually by the title - this one in particular was titled 'upset'. Oh, and the sender's name is 99% of the time in all lower caps, which is also a dead giveaway - most professionals capitalize their names in their profile. It just looks better. If you don't, you should consider it.

Anyway, this one was better than usual. It was from jimmie russell (, if you want to send him a note):

How is everything with you and the kids. Hope all is well. Just wanted to drop a line and see if you heard about the in-thing in getting in shape. Its what all the sports players are using.

It is at

it its good enough for Bonds and the other great players, its good enough for me and you.

it was a tiny bit torn crowd from the
though wonderful more than both
characteristics: reach they never

jimmie russell

The body of this one is actually more coherent than most. The grammar isn't perfect, but it's not terrible. My favorite part is the little 'poem' at the bottom. Why do these messages always have something similar? They're hilarious. They never make any sort of sense. It's as though a random word generator just threw them together.

Happy weekend!

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