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Friday, August 18, 2006


Stephon Marbury, a NBA player for the Knicks, has started his own line of clothing. I know what you're thinking - big deal, right? Don't lots of pro athletes do this? The answer is yes. But this guy is different. His line, Starbury, consists mostly of the basics (shoes, jeans, hoodies, athletic wear), and nothing costs over $9.95. That's in US dollars. Shocking! Actually, one item, his signature basketball shoes, costs $14.95. And he's going to wear them during the entire 2007 NBA season.

I think it's very admirable. As a child, his family struggled to make ends meet, so he knows what it's like to grow up without all of the expensive clothes that the other kids had. I doubt he makes much, if anything at all, on this endeavor. He also does lots of other great things. He has seven barbers on hire on Coney Island, where he grew up, to give free haircuts to kids. He gives away lots of Knicks tickets to organizations helping underprivileged kids.

I always love it when those in the spotlight do things like this, not just to help the community (that's easy), but to attempt to change the world that kids live in. He's going to make it cool for kids to wear $14.95 shoes, unlike Jordan, who made it cool for kids to wear $100+ shoes, and have them stolen off their feet.

His line is available at a store called Steve & Barry's. I've never heard of it, but there is one in Northwest Mall. I'm thinking of taking my little brother there to pick out something new for school from this line. I'll do whatever I can to support it and spread the word. Feel free to do the same. The more support this gets, the more likely it is to succeed, and that's definitely a good thing.

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