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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what the hell was i thinking

It's Halloween, once again. And sadly, I'm too old to trick-or-treat. As a kid, Halloween was possibly my favorite holiday. I didn't much like dressing up, and still don't - it was all about the candy.

My worst Halloween costume ever was a pumpkin leaf bag. I cut holes in the bottom for my legs, filled it with who knows what, and tied the top around my neck. Not a bad costume, for a kid...very, very bad for a teenager.

It embodied everything about me as a teen. I wanted to go out and have fun without putting forth much effort. Wait, that's about right for me now, too. I wanted to go trick-or-treating, but didn't know what to be. So I waited until the last minute and threw together whatever I could find. Not only was it so completely not fire resistant at all (that could have been a burning plastic disaster), but I took a ton of heat from the other kids. I think at one point firecrackers were thrown at me.

The pillowcase full of candy was so worth it. I think my dentist thinks so too.


MT said...

I think that for the same reason, I was a "baby" for several Halloweens in a row. I'd just put my hair in pigtails, wear some flannel jammies, and find a stuffed animal to carry around.
Gotta love the impromptu costume.

Norma Jean said...

I was a baby too, at least twice. Don't forget the big pacifier necklace...or the ring pop in place of the big pacifier necklace. More candy = good thing.