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Monday, November 20, 2006

all growed up

We finally found some furniture we like this weekend and bought it. I feel like such an adult! Until now we've had horribly mismatched, ripped, hand-me-downs, some of it leftover from college. Scary. The only bad part is we have to wait until December 16 to get it. Dumb out-of-stock sofa! If you haven't been to Ashley Furniture, I highly recommend it. The salespeople aren't too sharky, the prices are extremely reasonable, and you don't have to negotiate a price (Q and I are the worst at that). Believe me - after restricting ourselves to Weekends Only, this place seemed palatial. Weekends Only might have some good deals, but the decent sofas are few and far between, and it's so very dirty and dingy. Gross.

Now, if I can only figure some way to keep my claw-happy dog off of it...I can already see I'm going to lose that battle. At least it's sturdy material.

There are colds going around, so watch out. Both bosses are sick, and I've had to sit here listening to them snort, sneeze, and blow snot. Very gross. I escaped the stomach illness, and am thinking that kind of luck doesn't strike twice. All I'm asking for is to be healthy enough to see the Tigers play this weekend and taste the yummy Thanksgiving goodies. And see N8 & MT for dinner on Monday, all the way from Ireland. It's funny how you take friendships for granted until those friends move away. Thank goodness N8 & MT are moving back soon!

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