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Monday, January 22, 2007

cheap hoosiers at the movies

This weekend Q and I went to see Borat. Yes, we're a little late, but better late than never, no? Very true in the case of this movie. It was hilarious. Totally worth the rush hour price.
It was only showing in one theater, a theater close to us in South County. We thought we'd be the only ones there. We were so wrong. The little theater was almost full. We surmised it was probably because Sacha Baron Cohen just won Best Actor - Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes. There were families, elderly folks, and even a young child - yes, a young child at a rated R picture.
I can't believe people would bring a young child to a rated R picture. A baby is one thing; annoying in a totally different way. But 6-8 year old kid? That kid doesn't need to see the things that happen/are said during this movie.
I'm not a parent, so I don't know what I would do, but I can make a big bet that I won't take a kid that age to a rated R movie. Is it just laziness? They can't/don't want to find a sitter, so they just bring him along? Maybe they didn't realize what the movie was about, which isn't so surprising. It amazes me how many people have never even heard of the movie. But bottom line, you shouldn't be taking a kid to a rated R movie, whether it's R for sex, drugs, gore, language, or whatever. It's totally irresponsible.
The family happened to be sitting right in front of us, which didn't stop us from laughing our asses off. I couldn't have stopped myself anyway - the movie was hysterical. During the part when Borat is looking for a car, and wants a car with a 'pussy magnet', and 'pussy' is repeated over and over, the couple looked a bit uncomfortable, and looked over at the kid. He obviously didn't get it, and therefore didn't find it very funny, but that didn't stop them from laughing. It was disgusting. Nothing better than a parent who knows he's doing something wrong, and does it anyway.
Only two people got up and left, and it was during the part when he's wrestling naked with his very overweight friend and running throughout a hotel. Hilarious. I guess that part pushed this elderly couple over the edge. I suppose that scene in particular offended them maybe because they don't like gay people, and though Borat and his friend aren't gay, some very gay things were suggested. Whatever. Who goes to see a movie without having the slightest clue what it's about?
The elderly man sitting in our row was particularily hilarious, especially during the part when Borat is talking about using gypsy tears to ward off AIDS. He loudly asked his wife 'For what? What does he use for AIDS?' They laughed the entire time. Too funny.
I decided Q and I are only seeing offensive movies in South County, during the day, after the movie has been out for a while. The audience is almost as entertaining as the film.


Anonymous said...

Hey there vanilla face...

I saw Borat 4 times before it came out on DVD (only paid to see it twice though). I think your experience was more enjoyable just because its funny to watch anyone's reaction to this movie. Hell, I took my mom to see it because I wanted to see her reaction. Someday I will have to make my dad watch it. Watch it with your mom and let me know what she thinks. haha

- Lisa

Norma Jean said...

I actually watched the first Jackass with my parents. I thought Dad was going to lose it - he was laughing so hard. I bet he'd love Borat.