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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

meat shoot

For a while now I've been wondering what a 'meat shoot' is. We live by some sort of Veteran's Hall and they're always advertising them. I finally got around to searching the internets for this seemingly small-town-America tradition still surviving in the southern suburbs of St. Louis.

Apparently a 'meat shoot' is when a bunch of men (I know what you're thinking, you dirty bird) get together and aim their guns (get your mind out of the gutter, now) at targets and whoever shoots closest wins some frozen meat. I've read about some shooting at skeet-like targets, and some at regular bulls-eyes. I've also read about shoots for turkeys, sides of beef, deer, and all other types of meat.

My first thought is wow, could that be more inherently sexual? Even more so than football? Crazy.

My second thought is huh, do they really shoot for frozen meat? Why not cash? I get the idea of a bunch of men getting together for a few shooting games, drinking beer, fraternizing. Totally get that. But why not play for cash? Because it's more 'manly' to play for meat? Again so very inherently sexual. Interesting.

My third thought is to wonder where they do this. The little hall is smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. No chance they're shooting their guns anywhere in the vicinity of the place. I thought maybe they rigged the game to work somehow indoors, but it'd have to be without real guns, and the sign specifically advertises what kind of gun is allowed - a 22? I know virtually nothing about guns, so this makes no sense to me. A google search of '22 gun' did bring back some results, so it must make some sort of sense.

My fourth thought (somewhat off topic) is to be very thankful for google. What would I do all day at work without it? I think it's become the new encyclopedia. That's actually frightening thought.

My fifth thought (can you tell these are occuring to me as we speak?) is to find someone with a gun (experienced, preferably) to sign up for a meat shoot. And if I can't do that, I'm going to show up just to watch. I'm totally fascinated. I have to see this thing in action.


Anonymous said...

Why do only vets get to shoot for meat? I like meat. Why cant I shoot for it? I dont like being excluded. I guess Ill have to join the army.

Also, I dont think the meat actually has to be frozen.

I always thought they were shooting meat. I wondered if the vets were some group of sick psychopaths who just had to shoot some sort of meat and since they were no longer in the military, they had to make due with meat from a grocery store. Kind of like vampires who get by on eating rats or dogs when no people-blood is around.

Anonymous said...

I live just south of st.louis. There is always meat shoots going on here. Anyone who pays to enter, can join along. You can either bring your own gun, or sometimes they have one for people who did not bring theirs. When you shoot at a target, who ever has the closest shot towards the middle wins.