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Monday, January 29, 2007

rainbows, puppy dogs, and ice cream

Q and I went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon for our friend's one-year-old son's birthday party. I got to hold one of these on my lap all afternoon long. I guess the little guy was tired from all the commotion, because he layed motionless on my lap. A couple of times I even picked him up and moved him without his so much as making a sound. Too adorable! His little breath smelled just like puppy breath, which is so darn cute. And he was so very soft and warm.
Once his big brother came home he was a maniac, but up until then sweet as can be. If only I could carry around a puppy all day long. I'd never be in a bad mood.
Here's a picture of a greyhound puppy. Not only do I think they're the best looking dogs in the world, but the puppies are probably the cutest too. And greyhounds are incredibly soft and velvety - I can only imagine how soft the puppies are. I've never actually seen one, since greyhound puppies generally are either raced or slaughtered. So very sad.

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