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Thursday, February 15, 2007

it's a metal kind of day

Today's one of those days when I need to crank up the Yahoo music player full blast on the metal station. One, it relaxes me. Two, it drowns out all of the inane chatter. Lovely. I'm surprised by the bands they play on the metal station - it's a great selection.

So how 'bout that snow? I swear, if you stayed in your house with the blinds drawn and watched Fox 2, you'd think we got feet of snow, not mere inches. All this talk about digging out and black ice is going to make me ill. Come on, people. Driving wasn't even that bad. Get a grip. We could be in parts of the northeast right now where over ten feet of snow has fallen in the last week. People are digging out there for real, if they can get out of their houses. We actually got out of work on Tuesday at 2. I'm not complaining, and believe me, I took full advantage and left at 2 on the nose, but it was wholly unnecessary.

I wish we could go back to the good old days when we'd get feet of snow. What happened? Somehow the Lou manages to squeeze itself between the big fronts and always miss out. Not only would the city totally shut down, but we'd gain some perspective on what it's like to exist during a major storm.

Blah - the news is still talking about this two days later. It's sickening. I actually miss hearing about Anna Nicole's unbelievably rich baby.

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