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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Q and I went to dinner with my big sister Moo last Saturday night. We always have fun with Moo - we manage to talk and laugh well into the night. We met at Square One, a brewery in Lafayette Square. They've got a great selection, and all the beer is delicious. The food is good too. My favorite is the open faced portabella sandwich - it's awesome. Their single malt scotch ale is amazing.

Next we moved on to Bailey's Chocolate Bar. I tried to make reservations, but they don't take them, and they told me it'd probably be really busy at 9. It was around 9, but we decided to try anyway. Moo insanely gives up chocolate each year for lent, so she was hoping to get her fix before that time comes. We walked in, and were told it'd be 45 minutes to an hour wait. The front wasn't very crowded like it usually is, so we hemmed and hawed for a minute or two, trying to decide if it was worthwhile to wait. Ultimately we decided no, and were just about to push open the door when a woman came with menus and asked if we were ready to be seated. Hmmm. I asked if she was talking to us - she was looking right at us - and she said yes. So it was a very short 45 minutes to an hour.

We had yummy desserts, and yummy beverages. They have chocolate-themed beverages, but also surprisingly have a wide selection of unusual drinks - beers, wines, etc. Moo and I had a Unibroue cranberry wheat beer - amazing. I decided on that as opposed to a dessert wine made with moldy grapes that I had coincidentally learned about that afternoon on PBS called Noble One, but it was $9/glass, and I'm cheap, so I had to pass. Maybe next time.

As Q and I sat at the bar at Square One waiting for Moo drinking a frosty beverage (well Q's wasn't so frosty because his was a cask ale, served at room temperature), I decided I love beer. I mean I knew it already, but I really love beer. Not because it gets me drunk, but because the taste is amazing. When it's done right, that is. I prefer microbrews. There's something so rich, so drinkable about them. I despise Anheuser, and most large production beers. Ever since drinking more and more microbrews, I can't even bear to drink the other crap. It's intolerable. I guess that's true about a lot of things.

If you haven't been to Square One, go. It's a really neat place, and in my opinion, the best microbrewery in the area.

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