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Monday, April 30, 2007

big relief

We tried our first batch of beer last night and...SUCCESS! It tasted wonderful. We first pulled the beer from the fridge where it had been since that morning, and checked for foam. That was our biggest worry - that it'd be flat somehow. But there it was, evident even through the bottle. And then the pour. There was a small amount of foam on the top, and plenty of bubbles. We were very excited. The anticipation built as we went for the first sip. Ahhhh. Very refreshing, and honestly, the best wheat I've ever had. I think that's a common thing for homebrews. They're just better than anything you can buy.

Instead of just mixing in sugar during the last stage of fermentation, we mixed in sugar and honey. It's extremely smooth with the light hints of honey. Awesome. I'll post a picture it after it was poured.

So now we're super excited to try the next batch, and move on from there. It's neat to know that a month's time spent aging something actually worked, and didn't go down the tubes. So now I get to go home tonight, mow the yard (which is out of control), and celebrate it's hewing with a cold, honey wheat beer. Yum.

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