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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

our very own beer

Q and I have embarked on the strange but great adventure of brewing our own beer. That's how much we love it. Enough to spend the money on the equipment - it's not cheap.

The thing pictured here is called a carboy. No idea why. It's where the beer lives during fermentation. This isn't ours - I found it on the web - but it looks similiar, only ours is less fancy (without that crazy yellow thing and a much simpler air lock). But the beer looks similiar, except ours is only half full. We halved the recipe in case we mess it up. We're currently waiting for it to clear up and finish fermenting, then it has to age in the bottles for a couple of weeks. It's a wheat beer. We want to mess around with the next batch, maybe add some lemon or honey. Yum.

I'm ready to try it. It should be ready in time for our first camping outing of the year. Very exciting!


Anonymous said...

Paul says to send him a batch.

- Lisa

Pepperguy said...

Hey, that's MY carboy! :-) Hope the beer turns out great!