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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have to make a tough decision. There are two things going on next Wednesday night, and I have to decide which to do. Q and I have been invited to go to the Cardinals game, which is great, but it gets better. The tickets are in the second row behind home plate in the green seats, which means we get all the free food and drinks we want. And we don't have to pay for the tickets. So we'd get to see the Cards up close, get free food and drinks, and only have to pay to park. I've been in the second row from the field, but it was behind third base, so we were basically dodging fly balls all night. And actually saw (and heard) a woman get hit square in the face, which was scary.

On the other hand, though, Dimmu Borgir is playing at Pops that night. They're a black metal band from Norway. I like going to shows, but normally I wouldn't have a hard time picking a Cards game over a show, especially in these seats. But I hate to miss the opportunity to see this band. I'm sure they've got a great stage show, and this is the kind of music that sounds incredible live.

Tough decision, especially for someone who doesn't like making decisions. Sometimes life can be so difficult.

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PICKLE said...

Yo. What is the matter with you? Free drinks and food over a concert? Dah. I actually got to do the same thing through work. You need to go to the game. It is a really neat experience. If you don't want the tickets can I have them? The food inside is excellent. Let me know freak.