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Monday, May 14, 2007

i am so-ore

We fared well in the kickball tournament this weekend. Saturday was the brackets for the bad teams, while the good teams got a bye until Sunday. We played in four games Saturday, making it all the way to the final game (the final two teams left standing went on to play on Sunday), then losing. Which was fine, actually. We were all so sore, there was no way we'd be able to play on Sunday. But it was a blast. Free beer and food, good company, amazing weather - can't beat that. The best moment was in our third game, which was 2-1 (the other team), right up until the final inning. With two outs, one of our guys kicked a bomb into the outfield, and they missed it. We ended up scoring three runs and beating them. It was quite a moment, one of those that only happens in movies.

The whole day was eerily similar to our tournament run a few years back. We ended up making it to the final game after barely beating out the team in the third game, then lost to the most annoying, obnoxious team in the world. It's actually kind of creepy.

That night we went to dinner with friends at Chuy's, then were too tired to go out afterwards. We're such geezers. But on our way home we were stopped at a light on Hampton behind a cop. I just knew he was going to flip on his lights and go through, and sure enough, that's exactly what he did, only to flip them off right after he got through the light. That is so irritating. Just as irritating as a cop, without his lights on, speeding. I was heading up Big Bend to work the other day and a cop was totally on my ass. I wasn't about to start speeding to accommodate him, so after a while, I got into the other lane (I was in the slow lane, mind you), and he zoomed past me, still without lights on.

How is this allowed to happen? It's not an unusual occurrence. I see cops speeding all the time. How are we expected to go the speed limit when they can't even do it? Whatever happened to leading by example? Our cops should go the speed limit, and that's it. There should be big repercussions if they don't. If they're off duty, not in a uniform and not in a marked car, then whatever. They can do whatever they want to do. Go a hundred miles per hour for all I care. But shit, when they're on duty, go the fucking speed limit. It's so irritating. Why not spark up a joint while you're at it? Might as well have a beer or two! Oh for the love.

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