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As Ernest Hemingway once said...
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

for we're a jolly good fellow...

The hub-unit this morning called me to tell he he'd just realized the date - 8-23. Ten years ago today we had our first date. Or no, maybe it was ten years ago today that we first kissed. I say 'we', but really it was me planting myself on him. Probably by surprise, albeit a good surprise. Boy was shy. Yes, we kissed first before our first 'official' date. It was college. That kind of thing was commonplace. We went to see Money Talks with Chris Tucker. Again, it was college. You have to forgive the bad taste. I'm sure we hung out afterwards, but I don't remember that part. Sorry, honey - you know I have a bad memory. It's a miracle I even remember the movie.

I knew the big 10 was coming up. It's kind of mind boggling - like when you try to think about death, and your brain gets all murky and your head spins. I've been with the same person for ten years. I haven't been on a date with anyone else (well there was that one guy, but that didn't count, and the hub (boyfriend then) knew about it), haven't kissed anyone else (well, there was that one guy...just kidding! ha ha), haven't really even thought about anyone else in ten years. That's insane.

The best part is that it doesn't feel weird at all. In ten years we've had really only one big blowup fight, and that was barely a fight - we never yell and scream. We just get along so darn well. Best friends, really. I know, sick, stop, you're making us gag. I'm proud, that's all.

Here's to another ten! Maybe more, if the hub continues to behave himself.


CB said...

Not everything in your post is true...I believe you and I have had a couple of tongue wrestling matches in the last year or so. You know you felt something, besides I licked your bunion!

Anonymous said...

that first kiss lasted for an entire weekend, you did not emerge from your room after returning from that movie!! 10 years, holy cow, I am proud of you too!! Thank god Wade did not take me up on my offer a few years back, it would have messed up you all's track you both, alison

Norma Jean said...

Shhhh, CB - I was trying to not upset the hub. You know he's jealous of me!

Thanks Ally! Oh my god, I forgot all about that night. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Sheesh, it's amazing to think about how much we've grown up since then.