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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

this may turn your stomach...

How lovely. Tyson agreed to stop using carbon monoxide in its packaged meats. Hooray for Tyson!

Am I supposed to be glad about this? Instead of feeling glad I'm even more freaked out at the prospect of buying meat in a conventional grocery store. If companies are resorting to this type of thing, what else are they doing?

When food has to be shipped across the country (across the globe, in some cases...eek), companies resort to doing all they can to keep it fresh - or make it appear fresh. This is but one of the reasons I decided to only buy/consume meat if it comes from local farmers, not huge farm conglomerates like Tyson. Firstly, it comes straight from the animal to me, only traveling a hundred miles at most. Secondly, I am more apt to trust a local farmer on how he's raised and fed the animals than the factory farms, who are in this solely for the money, and as we see above, will literally do anything to increase the bottom line. Thirdly, it just plain tastes better, and I can be happy about supporting my local farmers.

Sheesh, though, I guess this could be considered a big step for Tyson. What's next? They stop shearing off chickens' beaks so they can't peck each other to death while crammed into small cages? They stop giving them feed found to contain arsenic, ammonia, and other chemicals? Wow. That's a whole lot to ask.

Man. Eating chicken is so not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm not a fan of boxed/bagged chicken to begin with (especially the chicken that comes on a bone), but some of the things they are allowed to do is horrendous. Whether they change their ways or not, its the fact that they did it in the first place. How are you able to find meat that is locally raised? Is it expensive? I'm a little curious because I don't think its a bad idea at all.

- Lisa

Norma Jean said...

Try farmers' markets in your area. Or go to - they can connect you with some local farmers, though this might be more expensive. I find farmers' markets are usually reasonable.