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Friday, October 19, 2007

my favorite baseball player of all time

Here he is. His name is Coco Crisp. That's right, Coco Crisp. Seriously, how cruel were his parents? I know Cocoa Crisp isn't a cereal, but it sure as heck could be. He should market the shit out of that. A good name like Coco Crisp can't go to waste, right?

I do know it's a darn good thing he's a professional athlete making tons of dough. Because can you imagine being Coco Crisp and going in to interview as an accountant? Or, mayhap, a teacher? People would remember you, that's for sure. That's if they can get past the hysterics they'll inevitably have whilst reading the resume.

I have to hand it to the sports talk folks and announcers for keeping it together when they mention this guy. Because all I have to do is hear it and chuckling ensues. I can be in the worst mood in the world, then turn on a Sox game (well I could do this if we had cable) and am guaranteed a laugh.

Thanks, Coco.

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