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Friday, November 16, 2007

oh, the possibilities...

This is a big weekend for college football fans, especially for Tiger (5th in the nation) fans. The weekend could play out a few different ways.
  1. Missouri and Kansas U lose. That would suck (the Missouri part, anyway), but hey, we'll be back bigger and stronger than last year, right? We'd have to put our Big 12 faith in Oklahoma's hands.
  2. Missouri loses, Kansas wins. That would suck horribly. But then we'd come back next weekend and kick their asses.
  3. Missouri wins, Kansas loses. That would be frikkin' awesome. Too incredible for words.
  4. Missouri wins, Kansas wins. That would be okay too. Cause we'll just kill them next weekend.

But there are a few more possibilities:

  1. LSU loses. They've done it once already this year. Could happen again.
  2. Oklahoma loses. They've also done it once already this year.

Because Oregon State bit it last night against Arizona, this would leave the top spots up for grabs. It's a possibility, as pointed out by my hub-unit, that Missouri and Kansas U could be 1 & 2 in the nation. Holy crap. That would be something. Then, numbers 1 & 2 would play each other in a regular season game. Unbelievable. And I passed on a ticket to attend this game way back when they went on sale and no one had any idea this could be so huge, thereby allowing my bro-in-law to go instead. Crap. I'm such an idiot!

Of course, chances of this happening are small, but they do exist. That's what's so great about football. Anything can happen.

Quoth the Tiger...Nevermore!

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flohtingPoint said...

Mizzou needs to win this week. For the love of all things college fb, they need to win. Then, the next week, they need to turn around and lose horribly. Both Mizzou and/or Kansas cannot be allowed to play for the National Title, as they'd get demolished by LSU and it would be a terrible game overall. Kansas' and Mizzou's schedules have been jokes so far and they are vastly overranked. They need to move aside for teams like WV, ASU, and Ohio State.