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Thursday, January 15, 2009

8 annoying things about facebook

  1. People who befriend everyone and their brother so they can have a big friend count. Even if it means befriending someone you haven't spoken to in years without so much as a 'hey, how the eff are you?'
  2. People who spend so much time doing stupid crap that it floods your news feed.
  3. People who can't use the status line correctly. For example, 'Bob is I hate people.' You can delete the 'is' and manipulate your language to make it work. Not that difficult.
  4. People who join every cause in the book and ask you to join too.
  5. People who hand out things like flair, beer, and presents.
  6. When I get random emails from Facebook telling me so-and-so has commented on my status, sent me a message, etc., but I don't have any friends by that name.
  7. People who answer questions directed to you just because they know the answer and they're online 24/7.
  8. People who post status updates that can't possibly be true. For example, 'Bob is cooking dinner right now.' No you're not, you're on the computer. Try 'Bob is taking a break from cooking dinner.'

I just realized almost all of these are actually about people, and not about Facebook. Me? Annoyed with people? I cannot imagine such a thing.

You'd think being so annoyed with Facebook would keep me away, yet I find myself back their at least daily. I'm so nosy.

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