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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So as I previously posted, I've become somewhat of a Starbuck's regular at the location near my office. It went to a whole new level yesterday though. The girl behind the counter remembered my name (which is another story all together - why do they need to know my name in the first place?).

This bothers me in and of itself because I'm not exactly the type of person to become a regular anywhere. First because I don't frequent the same places too much - it gets boring. Second because I'm more of a private person, and this doesn't correspond well to being a regular. But I could deal with it. I like their coffee dammit.

The real reason it bothers me though is I absolutely CANNOT STAND the girl who called me by name. And she is always there in the mornings. I can't stand even the sight of her face, it sickens me. First, she's a complete bitch to her co-workers. She's very condescending, with an air of being better than everyone else. Which is totally undeserved, as she works the same job as them and isn't even that cute. Well, she might be cute except she expends no energy whatsoever to even making sure her hair has touched a brush.

And she acts all nice and stuff towards the customers (like remembering my name) but I can tell it's just an act. Almost too if she has to work extra hard to cover up the fact that she's puking on the inside from disgust over having to communicate with the likes of us. It makes me ill.

So I'm thinking I may not frequent this Starbuck's anymore. Which would be a good thing I guess, since I don't really need to spend the money, and there's not really another location that is convenient. I think the combination of my already not-so-happy morning self and the urge to want to punch her in the face might get out of control one of these days, which would obviously be bad. Very bad.

It sucks though. Maybe she'll quit.

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