Ernest Hemingway:

As Ernest Hemingway once said...
'All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.'

Thursday, February 19, 2009

top 2 reasons I won't punt my pump off a cliff

My love affair with lists continues. This one is short.
  1. It forces me to be in a good mood. If I don't eat enough, get enough sleep, or am stressed or in a bad mood, I don't pump enough for my babe the next day. Sounds stupid. It is stupid. Why doesn't anyone tell you how sensitive the milk ducts are? Getting myself into a good mood can be hard, especially in the morning. But I hum a happy song and think positive thoughts and usually I can turn myself around. Believe me, when at work, me in a happy mood is rare. Today I was humming a Bon Jovi tune (no idea where it came from) and somehow it turned into the old Wehrenberg Theaters song...da da da da da da da da dadada, da da da da da da da da dadada...remember the whispers at the end? Wehrenberg...Wehrenberg - the whole theater whispered and it was oddly loud. Good times. Now they just ask you nicely to turn off your phone and whatnot. Thanks, technological advances.
  2. It's expensive. I don't want to shell out the dough for a new one. This one was a no-brainer.

Okay, that's it. As much as I love being able to give my babe the best start to life by providing her the most natural sustenance of all, I hate pumping. It sucks. Pun intended. I cannot wait until the day I can pack that sucker up for good.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

why oh why

I can't decide if I should curse the bush that stopped a car on fire from rolling into the parking garage at work today because it didn't affect our building at all (and therefore we have to stay at work today) or celebrate it because it didn't affect our building at all. I really could use an early weekend. But my cube is directly two floors above where it would have rolled so I probably should be glad.

Seriously though, a small bush is the only thing that stopped this car from catching our building on fire. That's kind of effed up.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

the starbucks saga continues...

So I stopped by Starbucks today for the usual. A different Starbucks. One with a drive thru (oh, how lovely). Before I can order, I'm asked if I want to purchase one of their signature cupcakes. Kind of odd at 7:15 am, but whatever. I notice that the voice that asked me about the cupcake isn't the voice that answered when I said it a recording? Huh.

I pull up to the window to pay (a dollar and the rest in quarters - today is payday AND I'm so trash but hey at least I didn't have to put it on my card) and a normal looking girl is at the window. Normal until she opens her mouth, anyway. She asks me if I've ever been to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. My brain does a quick scan to remember if there is anything on my person or car that would indicate I've been to New Orleans...nope. And weirder still is the fact that we made beignets at home last Sunday. I answer yes, but am horribly confused.

'Oh, my favorite part is when someone says something funny and you laugh and powdered sugar goes flying everywhere.' Whaaaa? Did I miss something? I just smiled and took my coffee. I didn't even bother to ask for a raw sugar. I just needed to get the h-e-doublehockeysticks out of there.

What the eff? I was actually on my game this AM since hubby is with the monkey girl and I could get up an hour later. I think this is the universe's way to tell me to stop going to Starbucks. Because every one either has a crazy lady or a nasty bitch. If only I had some sort of self control...