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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

you need a new hat

My good friend started his very own Etsy shop. He crochets, and is great at it. He is currently selling hats, scarves, and soon will be selling mary jane style slippers. He will be offering already-made merchandise and also taking special orders. He’s made my Bee a hat, and also an awesome pair of hi-top slippers complete with non-skid bottoms. They’re beautiful. I’ve also seen blankets that he’s made, and they’re gorgeous. I’m sure he could be convinced to make anything you can dream up – for a price of course. No really though everything is quite reasonable. Check it out!

On a non-related note, I’m pretty sure I heard one of the worst sounds ever today – a kid screaming in the room next to me at the dentist. Being at the dentist’s office is bad enough – do I really need to hear a kid in pain? It was horrible. And soon to be followed up by the sound of the dentist sawing the heck out of my custom-fit bite guard (apparently I grind my teeth at night and had no idea – so bad in fact that they’re practically worn down to mere nubs – like maybe a year from being rid of enamel altogether, nice). Not a nice sound. But my dentist is kind of attractive, so going there isn’t the worst thing in the world.

On a kind of funny note, my dentist practices with his brother and father in a practice started by his grandfather. His father’s name is Christopher Wolken. I can’t help but think of the infamous Christopher Walken whenever I happen to spy his business card at the check-out desk. More Cowbell!

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