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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

falling in love

So it finally happened.  I fell in love.  It's not the first time...just the latest.  And I've been waiting, hoping, for it to happen for a while.

It's with my new work-in-progress.  I say new, but the idea's been brewing for a while, even the starts of character profiles and an outline.

Maybe it happened today because I officially handed over my last manuscript to my adoring fans extremely tolerant beta readers.  So it's done.  I'm sad to let it go, disappointed I won't be reading it again - not because I don't want to but because it's time to move on, one way or another.

So today.  My new WIP.  Not only did a revised and updated outline flow out fast, and the story click, but I've begun to fall in love with my characters.  All day they've haunted me, begged me to develop them further, to lock personalities and looks in place.  I thought about the next few chapters in the car, while at lunch, in the shower, even while using the bathroom (and I drink a lot of water).  I'm drowning in the planning, and loving every minute of it.

I put it aside a few months back to revise the last one - a great decision, by the way - and honestly, because I got 3/4 of the way through the outline and couldn't go any further.  I know it's a great idea.  It's going to allow me to experiment with first person (again), and also to write from a male perspective, something I love.  Today, I was able to break past the block.  The story is making sense.

I joined BuNoWriMo, and I'm going to write a lot in June, but I'm not going to set my goals at 50K in one month.  It might happen.  Probably not.  Mostly, I don't want to have that number hovering over my head - I'd rather focus on the story, the characters, the flow.  We'll see.  I'm going to pay attention to it, not bind myself by it.

All I know is I've got the itch.  The almost shaking need to be behind a computer, creating.  The story is waiting.  I've got one hand around its neck.  And I couldn't be happier.

Anyone else feeling that creative pull?


mcsniff said...

I wanna read it.

Jen Chatfield said...

You will. It won't be ready for a while though. Hold your horses on sista.

Kelly Hashway said...

That's great! I love when a new story takes over. I recently finished drafting my WIP, so I'm revising a different manuscript and working on a longish short story at the moment.

Have fun drafting! :)