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Friday, July 06, 2012

a day in the life of an unemployed writer

Sit down at computer. Open up gmail. Scan through the numerous emails from potential employers via Monster and Indeed to see if literary agent who previously asked for the first three chapters after reading unsolicited query sent a reply. She did. Hope beyond hope it asks for the full manuscript while you open up and delete every other new email in your box. Finally open email from agent. She's not interested. Sigh.

Tell yourself, as you scan through other social media sights instead of actually writing, that it's okay. No one has wanted it so far. But, just having an agent ask is a big step in the right direction. There are several queries still outstanding. You might get another bite.

Then, while doing laundry, again instead of writing, you dog on yourself. Of course she didn't want to represent you. Nothing is working out in your favor. No one wants to employ you, no one wants your writing. What else is new.

You make yourself and the little one lunch, all the while refuting previous evidence. After all, it's ridiculous. You have two interviews this week and one next week, all with great companies, all positions that are interesting and more in line with what you want to do. You're 50K+ words into your new work-in-progress, and it will, no doubt, sell. It's a good, original concept, with just enough suspense, romance, and even a futuristic element. The query's already written. And it's good. Life is good. You're getting paid to spend time at home with your little monkey. You get to sleep late. You don't have to fix your hair, put on makeup, or wear suits, pantyhose, and heels all day long. Yup. Pretty fantastic.

Take a nap. Fall asleep while working out plot lines and ways to lengthen your WIP (and wonder why you seem to be the only person in the world who has to add, not cut). Wake refreshed. Thank the gods for naps and wonder why it took you so long to get on board.

Do some writing while the little one continues to nap. Thank the gods she's still napping even at almost four years old. Bang out a good chunk, but it's still interrupted by checking email and media sites. Darn distractions. Think about sending out more queries. Immediately put that thought to rest - you can see through it. It's just another distraction.

I could go on and on. Bottom line - the agent didn't want to read more. Her loss, right? I really need to tie a bow on that novel and put it aside for good. It's been a fantastic journey, a fantastic learning experience. But it's done. Maybe one day I'll unearth it. After all, it's lived on with many different faces. It's hard to say goodbye, even when it's time.

I'll be okay. I just need to jump back in to my current WIP after a (much needed) week long vacation. My life is going through lots of changes right now. It's nice to have my writing as a constant, as the one thing in my life that isn't going away. Right now I'm reading Stephen King's On Writing and loving it. That man is my hero. I'm hoping for a little bit of inspiration.

Stay cool out there y'all. This weather is not good for a woman who sweats at the drop of a hat. I've begun carrying deodorant with me everywhere. Sexy, no?


S.P. Bowers said...

That sounds a lot like my day, including the needing to add words instead of cutting. Good luck on the querying and the interviews.

Andrea said...

Enjoy your time with your little monkey. Oh, and get some baby powder...I am pretending it helps with the sweat! And yes,their loss ! :)

Jo Michaels said...

Gotta love it when the virtual rejection letter nail is so full it's sagging. Ugh, right? Sorry to hear you had a crappy day :(

Chin up and WRITE ON!