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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a little taste of my writing

Jo Michaels posted an interesting challenge via Facebook. Instead of answering it there, I'm going to answer it here. It's a good blog topic, especially since I've never shared my work. And, most of my friends on Facebook aren't writers, so it won't be as appreciated there.
Post 7 lines from the 7th line down on the 77th page of your novel.

Here goes:

Mom leans down to hear the barely five-foot woman better. Officer Penny repeats the question. Mom says no, but looks almost offended, even though she’s probably just overwhelmed.
"Standard procedure, ma’am,” says Penny as she pushes open the door. “Believe me, the invasion of privacy doesn’t end there.”

When the thick door closes they’re in a bare room with black cages and concrete walls. Penny sits at a metal table and tells Mom to sit across from her.

“Okay, we’ve got a form here for you to fill out and sign. It’s just so we have all of your information on file saying you’re an approved visitor, yadda yadda yadda. I’ll give you a minute.”
Interesting idea. This is from my work-in-progress. I'd love to see more from other writers.

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